The Last Days: what have we learned?
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RISK AND ECONOMIC IMPACT: the House of Commons Library identifies 17 estimates of the impact of Brexit. 16 of these say it will be negative. The only one that departs from this consensus is Economist for Brexit, whose joint Chair is … Read More

Response to a leaflet by Students for Britain
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So Students for Britain have come up with a new leaflet, naming their countless reasons to leave the EU. We don’t think they’re too accurate. Here is why: “#I’mLeaveBecause I’m for open globalism not narrow regionalism.” So you’re telling me … Read More

Answering Boris Johnson’s Five Questions
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Dear Boris, You asked us some questions: we’ve replied. Let us know when you’ve reassessed your position and what time to expect you on June 23rd, or Vote Remain Day. 1. How can you possibly control EU immigration into this … Read More

So would Brexit solve Cambridge’s problems?
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Marcus Johnson, Chief Executive of NW Brown, explains why he is against Brexit, as seductive as UKIP’s arguments might be. Those same middle class intellectuals who like to look down their noses at the UKIP campaign to close us off … Read More

Upcoming Events!
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Upcoming Events!Over the coming weeks running up to the referendum on June 23rd, Cambridge for Europe will be hosting a range of events hoping to convince the Cambridgeshire public that IN is the only way to vote on June 23rd! … Read More

Sovereignty – What’s the issue?
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Sovereignty – What’s the issue?Robert Lowson – Co-Chair Cambridge for Europe on Cambridge for Europe: In the UK we have a very centralised system of government. Parliament is supreme and can make whatever laws it chooses. The Government dominates Parliament (for … Read More

116 Reasons to Vote IN – Students’ response to Brexit businessman Peter Hargreaves’ challenge
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Peter Hargreaves has sent a letter to millions of British home owners. He challenges “anyone to come up with anything approaching so many reasons to stay.” His number? 115. We did 116 just to prove the point: Economic We would … Read More

John Shropshire – Why should be stay?
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This speech was delivered by John Shropshire, a Cambridgeshire farmer and European businessman, at Ely Cathedral on Thursday 3 March 2016: “It is essential for the United Kingdom to remain in European Union, for the sake of the country, the … Read More

David Cleevely Speech at Cambridge for Europe Launch
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Dr David Cleevely CBE FREng FIET, is an entrepreneur and international telecoms expert who has built and advised many companies, principally in Cambridge, UK. He is founding Director and Chair of the Advisory Council, Centre for Science and Policy, University … Read More

Cambridge for Europe launched
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Over 100 supporters crowded into the Old Library at Pembroke College Cambridge on 29 January for the launch of a grass – roots campaign to prepare for the for the forthcoming EU referendum by ensuring that the case for continued … Read More

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