Upcoming Events!

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Upcoming Events!

Over the coming weeks running up to the referendum on June 23rd, Cambridge for Europe will be hosting a range of events hoping to convince the Cambridgeshire public that IN is the only way to vote on June 23rd! Here are just three of them!


Ken Clarke: Europe and the Conservatives - a modern love story?
21st April - 8:00 pm - Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge
A must-see for any currently undecided on how to reconcile Conservative politics with the EU of today, Ken will be speaking to us about why he believes the EU is exactly what Britain needs and why to turn our backs on free-market, and with it globalisation and the global market, would be disastrous for the UK.


The Great EU Student Debate
23rd April - 5:00 pm - Old Divinity School, St John's College, Cambridge
At 5pm on 23rd April the ‘Cambridge for Europe – Students’ Team are challenging the ‘Cambridge Brexit Campaign’ to a live debate where we seek to convince you, the Cambridge public, why it’s so important that you make the right decision on June 23rd!
The debate will be hosted by two top student journalists and held in a US-primaries style with 6 student speakers; opening statements will be made, probing questions from the hosts will be asked, and many many burning questions from the audience will be answered!


Natalie Bennett: Stay Green, Fight for Social Justice, Vote Remain in the EU referendum
26th May - Venue and Time TBC
The leader of the UK Green party will be explaining why, on everything from Social Justice to the Environment, the EU is making a positive impact in all our lives, and it would be disastrous to leave that all behind.

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    Iv joined remain campaign + now looking for events to help with.I’m not on social me