EU Reports

Below are a series of reports on EU affairs from a variety of governmental and independent sources. These papers are designed to give our readers a far more in-depth understanding of the European Union as an institution.

Senior European Experts

Senior European Experts - The Institutions of the European UnionSenior European Experts

This paper introduces the most important institutions of the European Union and gives an overview of each: The European Council, The Council of Ministers, The European Parliament, The European Commission, The Court of Justice, The Court of Auditors.

Further information on the Institutions of the European Union can be found here.

Senior European Experts - Sovereignty and the EUSenior European Experts

This paper discusses the complex links between national sovereignty and the European Union, and to dispel some of the myths surrounding this.

Further information on the Institutions of the European Union can be found here.


House of Lords EU Committee - Europe in the world: Towards a more effective EU foreign and security strategyHouse of Lords Emblem

In the face of a rapidly changing world and facing potential crises ranging from the Syrian refugee crisis to Brexit, does the EU's foreign policy need to adapt to meet new challenges and requirements?

House of Commons Library: EU-UK Economic Relations

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has commented that “there is an overwhelming consensus among those who have made estimates of the consequences of Brexit … that it would reduce national income in both the short and long runs.”  A thorough study of the economics arguments for and against the UK's continued membership of the EU, unsurprisingly is comprised of overwhelming evidence in favour of Membership.

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