"Rally to Remain"

Great St. Mary's Church, Senate House Hill, Cambridge, Thursday 16th June. Starting to gather from 17:00.

One week before the polls open, let’s show to everyone where Cambridge and science stand!

Communities like Cambridge, where business, research, and academia support and strengthen each other, have benefitted hugely from the UK’s position at the heart of Europe.

Participants are invited to bring any items of clothing, banners, and/or flags which may identify them as scientists and/or supporters of the UK’s continued membership of the EU. Lab coats are especially encouraged! Let us know you're coming by following this link. The Facebook event is here.



Natalie Bennett: Stay Green, Fight for Social Justice, Vote Remain in the EU referendum

26th May - Venue and Time TBC
The leader of the UK Green party will be explaining why, on everything from Social Justice to the Environment, the EU is making a positive impact in all our lives, and it would be disastrous to leave that all behind.


IN OR OUT - What's best for a Green Britain?
20th May - Doors open 7pm for 7:30pm start - Anglia Ruskin University
What has the EU done for the UK's environment, and what's the outlook? Put your questions on Friday 20 May to a line-up of top environment experts. Speakers will include Craig Bennett (Chief Executive, Friends of the Earth) and Lord Deben ( Chair of the Independent Committee on Climate Change), and will be chaired by Sian Reid (former leader of the Cambridge City Council).


The Great EU Student Debate
23rd April - 5:00 pm - Old Divinity School, St John's College, Cambridge
At 5pm on 23rd April the ‘Cambridge for Europe – Students’ Team are challenging the ‘Cambridge Brexit Campaign’ to a live debate where we seek to convince you, the Cambridge public, why it’s so important that you make the right decision on June 23rd!
The debate will be hosted by two top student journalists and held in a US-primaries style with 6 student speakers; opening statements will be made, probing questions from the hosts will be asked, and many many burning questions from the audience will be answered!


Ken Clarke: Europe and the Conservatives - a modern love story?
21st April - 8:00 pm - Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge
A must-see for any currently undecided on how to reconcile Conservative politics with the EU of today, Ken will be speaking to us about why he believes the EU is exactly what Britain needs and why to turn our backs on free-market, and with it globalisation and the global market, would be disastrous for the UK. 


Cambridge for Europe - Question Time Rally
5th March - 3:00 pm - Selwyn College
Cambridge for Europe host key speakers in the EU referendum campaign in a Question Time panel event and invite members of the public to attend and submit questions they would like to put to the speakers. As space is limited, please register to attend the event. See HERE for more information and to register. 


Cambridge for Europe - Students - Soft Launch Event
22nd February - 8:00 pm - Kings College Bar
Cambridge for Europe - Students is the student branch of our campaign. Led by members of all four major student political parties this campaign is an exact reflection of the cross-party senior campaign and launches in King's College Bar. Supporters are encouraged to attend and learn more about the campaign to come. 


The Cambridge University European Society, in collaboration with the Cambridge Union Society: "This House believes that Cameron’s EU negotiations are the best option for our future"
9th February - 7:00 pm - The Cambridge Union
The Cambridge University European Society hosts speakers including: Vicky Ford, MEP; Kate Hoey, MP; Edward Chaplin, Former British Ambassador to Italy; and many others in an avant garde debate on the UK’s relationship with, and membership of, the European Union.


Launch Event for Cambridge for Europe
29th January - Pembroke College
The Cambridge for Europe campaign will launch with an event at Pembroke College, Cambridge on 29th January. There are only a limited number of spaces available for the event and as such, if you would be interested in attending we ask that you contact Clodagh Barker at


The Cambridge University European Society: "Climate Change: The way forward for Europe"
14th January - 7:00 pm - Pfizer Lecture Theatre, Department of Chemistry
In light of the Climate Change conference (COP 21) in Paris at the beginning of December 2015, the CU European Society host a number of speakers to discuss the results of the Paris Climate Change Conference held in December and examine the way forward for Europe we look to take on this global challenge.