Other movements campaigning for an ‘In’ vote

Below is a list of Pro-EU movements who are also campaigning for an 'In' vote in the upcoming referendum.

Britain Stronger In Europe

Britain Stronger In Europe

Scientists for EU

Scientists for EU

Another Europe is Possible


Britain Stronger In Europe is the UK-wide official campaign group for an 'In' vote in the upcoming referendum.

Scientists for EU is a campaign by UK scientists to keep the UK in the EU.

Another Europe is possible is a campaign for a radical ‘in’ vote – building a community that is pro-EU even while it works towards building a stronger, reformed union that can bring about the radical social change our citizens need in the UK and across Europe.

British Influence


Business for New Europe


European Movement UK


British Influence is a think tank that advocates a more active role for Britain in global affairs. We work to change the terms of the national debate about Britain's role in Europe and in the world by providing a positive vision of Britain's role as a leader. Passionately internationalist in outlook, we are as concerned with the impact of power, politics and economics on people and communities as on nations and institutions.

Business for New Europe is an independent coalition of business leaders advocating a positive case for reform in Europe. Our Advisory Council includes Chairmen and CEOs of FTSE 100 companies and our Executive consists of experts in foreign and economic policy, including former heads of the UK diplomatic service and senior journalists.

European Movement UK is an independent, non-partisan, grassroots organisation that works to promote the idea that the UK’s brightest future lies in close partnership with its European neighbours. It is part of the European Movement International network that has been campaigning for peace, stability, better jobs and prosperity through European integration for over 70 years.

Labour IN for Britain


Lib Dems Europe Campaign


Conservative Group for Europe



Labour IN for Britain is the campaign run by the UK Labour Party, promoting their policy of Britain remaining in the EU. They believe that EU membership brings jobs, growth and investment but also improved workers’ and consumers’ rights.

Lib Dems Europe Campaign builds on the Lib Dems long history of a strong pro-EU stance and looks to bring those with classic Liberal values into the pro-EU camp. They believe that the best future for us and our children is an open, outward looking, collaborative partnership with our neighbours where we can stand tall together and work towards tackling global challenges.

The Conservative Group for Europe believes in a hard-headed promotion of British interests in Europe as a committed participant. They support the Prime Minister’s renegotiations for a reformed European Union and will campaign to stay a member in the forthcoming referendum.